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Lighthouse Mortgage Group (LMG) operates out of Rockville, MD and provides exceptional Mortgage Broker services to clients in the Maryland. Lighthouse Mortgage Group assists customers (single, married, or family) to accomplish their home ownership dreams and objectives. LMG offers clients with mortgage products and solutions tailored exactly to their mortgage needs and based on their financial capacity. Lighthouse Mortgage Group operates under the mission objective that mortgage financing is not a one-size-fits-all approach; it must be prudently adapted to client’s mortgage requirements.

Lighthouse Mortgage Group offers a wide selections of mortgage products and works intimately with each client to determine the program that best fits their mortgage prerequisites. We provide customers with competitive interest rates to align with mortgage monthly payments that meets their financial capability. To emphasize LMG’s customer service focus; most of our business comes from recurring clients and their referrals. As a compliant mortgage broker, our motivation is on building excellent client relationships and to deliver outstanding service and result.

Lighthouse Mortgage Group is very competitive and has signed up with leading major mortgage banks and service providers to ensure you have the best interest rates based on the current market trends. Our team have the expertise and competence to provide you with personalized mortgage products only possible from a nationally recognized lender. Give us the honor to earn your business; you’ll not be disappointed.

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